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Indovision Services is an ISO 9001:2008 and providing end to end ICT (Information &  Communication) services and solutions. This includes corporate trainings for Telecom vendor/Telecom Operators,providing certifications, courses on emerging technologies like 5G,IOT, IPv6, AWS, CCNA and many more. We are also, providing System Integration services, Enterprise solution reselling, Providing 6 weeks and 6 months Industrial training to College students in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR & Chandigarh etc.


1. Corporate Training:

ICT Trainings are provided to leading Telecom Operators, Telecom Vendors and System integrators. We provide these trainings across India on-site as well as off-site. We have also provided training outside India mainly in Europe and Middle-East These training includes Wireless (2G, 3G, LTE, 5G), IP networking, IPv6 training, Transmission (SDH/ DWDM/ Microwave), Core network (Circuit switches and Packet switched), Multi-vendor trainings etc.

2. College Training:

Indovision Services in partnership with Huawei technologies has come up with a unique program for college students to undergo six months & six weeks of Industrial ICT training, popularly known as HCIG & HIT. This prepares the student for Information and communication Technology (ICT) industry during their graduation.

Huawei Certifies ICT program (HCIG) and Huawei Industrial Training (HIT) are aimed towards engineering graduates, where participants get trained & certified by Huawei on multiple leading ICT technologies such as Core network, Wireless, IP Networking, Transmission networks & Cloud computing. It includes theory, Lab hands on & field exposure for six months & six weeks respectively.

3. Manpower Solution:

We believe in placing the right talent at right place in right Time /or/ The promise of service in any business is common. The delivery of this promise is what makes us different. Manpower Solution is a resource /Manpower Outsourcing solution where a company or enterprise in order to run its operations or services enters into an Agreement to hire ( permanently or temporary) with us

4. Enterprising Solutions:

Smart networks are the backbone for building smart campus, smart cities. Huawei is leading solution provider for smart networks in world. With the products like Routers, switches, IP-EPBAX, Wifi solution, Telepresence, Firewalls, GPON etc Huawei is at forefront to build smart networks. Indovision is premium partner of Huawei Enterprise products and helps Mid to Large size business, college, school, hospitals, Govt. installations to provide smart seamless connectivity and superior user experience through its smart networks.

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