What is the history of CCNA?

The origin of CCNA can be traced back to 1998 in Philadelphia network show, when Cisco introduced this certification as a precursor to all new certifications. A single exam was introduced which was named as 640-407.

CCIE was introduced in 1993. The CCIE was aimed at hardcore networking skills of the professionals in those days.

The initial exam consisted of 60-70 questions and time available to complete the exam was 75 minutes. Currently there are three exams which were updated in 2012 to CCNA security 640-554, CCNA wireless 640- 722, and CCNA Voice 460-461.

What are industry demands and career scope in CCNA?

CCNA is one of the most respected Associate level Certification in the technological world. There are lot of employment opportunities in this field because there are numerous technical glitches in the industry, and the industries require proper and suitable solution immediately. Hence the demand for CCNA professionals is quite large.
The need for IT professionals:

  • Will double by 2018, which means greater employment scope.
  • Enhanced networking skills in voice, security and wireless will help the professionals fetch greater pay package in top MNCs.

Since the course content is prepared by CISCO, therefore there is assurance that the skill will be awarded in the form of career growth and development. Hence students are advised to go for the certification as it is highly beneficial.

What are the steps to learn CCNA?

If a student follows certain steps, it would really make learning easy. Some of them are:

  • Mentally prepare yourself to get the CCNA certificate in 3-6 months.
  • Try to get experience of the hardware itself.
  • Some topics like routers and routing should be focused.
  • LAN and WAN designing should be thoroughly practice.
  • Regular application of knowledge and practice can help the professional to keep checking the errors and develop solid knowledge base.

Which companies are using CCNA?

There is a long list of companies having a brand name in networking who provide incredible employment opportunities to CCNA professionals. Some of the powerful companies in this field are:

  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Intel and more….

These companies are huge in terms of market capitalizations and growth, hence working for these companies is a dream career for many.

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