DBA Course FAQ

On which operating system the Oracle training will be provided?

As this training is considered to be IT training, this training will be provided on the Linux operating system which is mostly used in industry and considered to be secure.

Will the study material be provided for this course?

Yes, absolutely we will provide you the sufficient study material like notes, ppts, pdf.

Who are eligible for this training course?

A candidate from IT background is preferred but even a non-IT background can register for this course and learn.

What is the role of this course in getting a job?

This course plays a vital role in getting a job for graduate freshers and IT experienced both. As a fresh graduate you can start your career as a database administrator and for IT experienced they can shift towards the database administration, a major advantage of this course is that you can get a job in any organization using Oracle and your career will not be limited only to the IT industry.

 Is basic programming concept a prerequisite for this course?

No, there is no such prerequisite for this training, only the desired thing is that you should be aware of the basic organizational culture and importance of the data flow in the organization.

Is PL/SQL is covered in the course?

PL/SQL is not the part of this course structure, It is an additional course for which you will have to enroll differently.

Can I become an OCP certified without attending any training program?

No, anybody can not apply for OCP without attending any training program. To be OCP certified you will have to enroll and get training on any of the course listed under prerequisite for OCP certification.

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