Digital Marketing FAQ

what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) is a course designed by the industry experts to help you get a complete 360-degree knowledge in the digital marketing domain. This course not only ensures that the learners become complete digital marketer but also makes sure that they are industry ready and well-qualified for their next big career move. After taking this course, the learners will acquire the right skills through extensive hands-on practice on a wide range of simulations and projects that will enable them to launch and execute their own Digital Marketing campaigns.

Our courses are tailor-made for a practical learning where the participants can get hands-on experience in the latest and the best of Digital Marketing tools. Additionally, our Digital Marketing course will prepare the learners for the most sought-after certification exams like OMCA (OMCP), Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Twitter Marketing.

What is the history of Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing was first used in the 1990s but digital marketing has roots in the mid-1980s when the SoftAd Group, now ChannelNet, developed advertising campaigns for automobile companies, wherein people would send in reader reply cards found in magazines and receive in return floppy disks that contained multi media content promoting various cars and offering free test drives

Digital marketing became more sophisticated in the 2000s and the 2010s, and the proliferation of devices able to access digital media has led to the great growth of digital advertising; statistics produced in 2012 and 2013 showed that digital marketing was still a growing field. The rapid evolution of digital media has created new contingency and avenues for advertising and marketing.


  • Sales & Marketing Professionals(including Advertising Professionals, Brand Managers and Media Planners): Creating Marketing Campaigns without Digital is no more an option. Sales & Marketing professionals need to develop an in-depth understanding of this medium to create workable strategies, to manage digital marketing teams & agencies.
  • Entrepreneurs(including CXOs): Digital Marketing offers the flexibility of starting with small or no budget. Entrepreneurs can think of various innovative ways to reach out to their target audience and convert them to their customers. Unfortunately, there are not many people who can do it for them. They will have to learn digital marketing to do it for themselves.
  • Digital Marketers(including SEO, PPC, Social Media Professionals & Web Strategists): It is an ever-evolving field. If you are not updating yourself, you will be obsolete in a quarter. Digital Marketers are in continuous process of learning.
  • Students(including MBAs, Graduates, BBAs & aspiring drop-outs): No matter which area you end up pursuing, be it HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales or creating your own entrepreneurial venture, you cannot do it with in-depth understanding of Digital Media. The biggest problem is that most of the institutions are not equipped with imparting this understanding to students.

Which Companies use Digital Marketing?

  • The use of Digital marketing is done by eminent companies which have proved their credibility in the field of technology. Some of the names of top companies employing the use of Digital Marketing are:
    • Amex
    • Coca Cola
    • Ignitee
    • General Electric
    • Mint
    • Nike
    • Old Spice
    • Oreo
    • Zappos

Digital Marketing is used on a very wide scale. These top-notch companies give opportunities to students having specialization in Digital Marketing Training.

What are the industry demands and career scope in Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days when marketing was absolutely an off-line aspect. With the enhancement of search engines and social media sites the conception of digital marketing came into presence. The digital marketing enforced dominant business leaders to think about the online business. As a result, not only corporate but also young experts were influenced by the digital marketing. It is through digital marketing that so many young contractors could build themselves in a short period of time. In other words, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing or promotion. E-commerce companies such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopclues, and OLA etc could make mark in business world only because of digital revolution. Hence, it becomes a great opportunity for students to join the Digital Marketing training programs for 4/6 weeks or 6 months for advancing their career.

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