Indovision HRMS

IHRMS is Indovision human resource management system for end to end employee management solution for online attendance, employee management , expense , leave , salary etc As a business owner, you might be handling your staff information , His payrolls and leave management through manual register entry or MS Excel data entry or other similar data entry record maintenance offline platforms. But it becomes extremely difficult to follow these traditional methods for your business in a rapidly expanding market where the number of employees also grows to serve more customers.Maintaining paper-based files for each employee requires a lot of labor and space. Besides this, it not only consumes a lot of time and money but decreases the productivity thereby reducing focus on core areas of your business.

It is time to incorporate Indovision Human Resource Management System (I-HRMS) which can handle your personnel load efficiently with a flexible approach. Broadly, I-HRMS contains numerous benefits for business operation and functioning





Case 1: A company has large number of employees both in Field and in office, what is best solution for them ?
Answer : By using Geopunch feature ( geographical location based attendance ) , company can ask employees to mark their attendance irrespective of location .

Case 2: A company wants that their regular office employees mark attendance from office only , Delivery persons should able to mark attendance from customer location only and marketing persons from anywhere
Answer : By using Personal type feature of indovision HRMS , you can divide employees as Type 1 : can punch from office only , Type 2 : Can punch attendance from fixed number of locations only Type 3 : can punch attendance from any where .

Case 3 : A company wants to ensure that All employees can come any time but should finish min. working hours
Answers : using Geo punch each employee can see how much time they have devoted in a week and how much time is extra or need to compensate .

case 4 : A company wants to ensure that salary of person is autocalculated using his salary so that their HR can devote more time on employee walfare
Answers : We all know that HR /finance time is usually spend in collecting employees attendance , getting approvals on exceptions , then calculating salaries etc , but with inbuild salary module now its easy to get all info in single click .

Case 5: I want complete employee management cycle in one place i.e. from recruitment to exit
Answer : indovision HRMS is E2E employee management system , where all data is available in single click .