The Latest Version 6 of Internet Protocol allocates more addressing space

London on these new-fangled web addresses spaces explains that a new global internet standard allows allocating trillions of novel web addresses that became operational in the month of June 2012. It guarantees that the internet stays available and accessible for the future also.

It is the most up-to-date version of internet protocol. The most awaited technology with some radical modifications. As the previous version of internet protocol which is version 4 was running out by the available addressing space, therefore, it was necessary to implement the internet protocol version 6(IPv6). The reason to how IPv6 is more versatile then IPv4 is more address space it provides. The address structure of IPv6 is complete of 128 bits separated into eight 16-bits block. The IPv6 is deployed due to the highly incompatible address format of IPv4. Since last 12 years, our engineering expertises were on the path of making IPv6 work.

“World IPv6 Launch is a permanent step forward to ensure the internet can connect all the people in the world, for many years to come,” believed Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer of the Internet Society.

It is believed by our engineering expertise that IPv6 will definitely gradually replace the obsolete version of internet protocol that is version 6. The internet protocol version 4 was accepted during the early days and it only allowed some four billion IP addresses. The IP addresses are the sequence of numbers that are used to identify a device. And as the usage of Smartphone, tablet are increasing thus we need more space. And this plank is overcome by the deployment of internet protocol version 6.

Each and every internet enabled device has its own internet protocol address in order to have access to the internet. The number of IP addresses that the new version provides can be counted by counting the number of stars in our galaxy. As new systems are introducing daily, therefore, more and more people around the world are connecting to the internet. Hence to recover this explosive growth and to overcome the address exhaustion of version 4 of IP the transition of IPv6 is needed to keep pace.

When the statistics by the Internet Society were revealed they told that the internet devices will be more than 15 million by 2016 which is double than the world’s population. Each and every internet accessing device needs an IP address. But due to the shortage of addresses later many devices had to share addresses, which slowed the internet connectivity speed.

The Internet Society also mentioned as the use of broadband incursion, more Smartphone, tablets and internet related devices and the steep number of internet users is steadily increasing the IP address consumption. And at last the companies such as Facebook, Google, and chief internet service providers have permitted the new system in order to persuade the extensive espousal of the customary.

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